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    Challenge your thinking and build your creative confidence. Join in with interdisciplinary jammers from Berlin and all over the world!

    Corona Jam

    Corona forced us to postpone our March Jam 2020, but came back in August with a new concept: The Satellite Jam!

    Participants were split into groups like before, but 2020, each group had their own location, all in Kreuzberg. Groups were limited to 5 persons + 1 coach to permit social distancing. We streamed all of the instructions and meetings to the satellite locations, and delivered food and snacks directly there.

    Service Jam Berlin

    coming soon

    In a spirit of experimentation, co-operation and friendly competition, teams will have 48 hours to develop brand new services inspired by a shared theme.


    The Service Jam Berlin is part of this global event and will be open for around 40+ service design enthusiasts who are eager to learn new methods and tools and share their experiences.


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  • What is the Jam?

    A design jam can best be explained when it is compared to a music jam. For music jams people with various skills come together to play music. It is all about playing with each other, creating a unique atmosphere and learning from each other. The goal is not so much to produce a fantastic studio album. As an outcome some music jammers will form a band after the jam, others simply learned new ways of playing music.


    A design jam is very similar. Design professionals and people interested in the topic come together to work on a challenge for 48 hours. Even though the jam will be based on a user-centered design approach, there are no set rules on how to solve the challenge. The final outcome can be a scenario for a service concept, a physical prototype for a product, a movie and so on.

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  • The Team

    Jam Berlin is a non-profit gang of international service design aficionados who all share a common belief that collaborative tools and design processes can be used to create positive change.

    Zeynep Özge Aydın

    Service & Interaction Designer

    at Fjord



    Camila Cavalcanti

    UX Designer at

    at KUBIKx



    Dirk Heider

    Freelance Graphic Designer & Art Director




    Jeffrey Humble

    Design Lead

    at CareerFoundry



    Nicholas de Laczkovich

    Product Manager

    at Omikron Data Quality



    Steve Mattocks

    UX / UI Designer

    at Mister Spex



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