• The Berlin Chapter of the Global Jam

    The Service Jam Berlin is part of this global event and will open for around 40+ service design enthusiasts eager to learn new methods and tools and share their experiences.


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    What's a Design Jam?

    A design jam can best be explained when it is compared to a music jam.

    For music jams people with various skills come together to play music. It is all about playing with each other, creating a unique atmosphere and learning from each other. The goal is not so much to produce a fantastic studio album. As an outcome some music jammers will form a band after the jam, others simply learned new ways of playing music.

    Design professionals and people interested in the topic come together to work on a challenge for 48 hours. Even though the jam will be based on a user-centered design approach, there are no set rules on how to solve the challenge.
    The final outcome can be a scenario for a service concept, a physical prototype for a product, a movie and so on.

    Come jam with us!


    Curious to know how jamming feels like?

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    Watch the video from the Sustainability Berlin Jam, 2022

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    The next Service Design Jam on March 17-19, 2023 is sold out.

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  • The Team

    Jam Berlin is a non-profit gang of international service design aficionados who all share a common belief that collaborative tools and design processes can be used to create positive change.

    Berta Rovira

    Product Designer/Product Manager at Berlin Brands Group



    Beatriz Munuera

    Freelance UX Expert



    Cristina Colosi

    Service Designer at Rainforest Alliance



    Jeff Humble

    Co-Founder at the Fountain Institute



    Nicholas de Laczkovich

    Product Manager at Klickrent



    Steve Mattocks

    Senior UX Designer at Gymondo



    Dirk Heider

    UX Designer at DigitalService



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    by Akanksha Gupta, Service design intern at T-Labs.

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